3 AM Phone Call

Pastor Cris got the phone call at 3 am telling him that a fire had broken out in part of Cebu City and was threatening the homes of some of his church families. He rushed over before the fire was even out, waiting with families until morning to see the extent of the damage. Other church families were standing by to help salvage household items as soon as the fire was out. When the fire was finally put out and the damage was revealed, 80 homes had burned and five church families had lost their homes.

Since the fire Harvest EFC has been able to reach out to these 80 families with relief supplies, prayer and encouragement. They have even been able to start distributing construction supplies to almost all of the homeowners who were unable to receive help from other organizations or agencies. “Praise God we learned to make use of the crisis situation as an opportunity to share the love of Jesus in a tangible way and above all to share the gospel message.”

Brother Moses, a deacon in the church, lost his home and their family businesses to the fire. Prior to the fire he had been involved with door-to-door evangelism several days a week, helping to share the Gospel in his own community. Volunteers from the church were able to help with starting to reconstruct Brother Moses’ home. Please join us in praying for Brother Moses, his family and all the other families who have a long road ahead of them in recovering from this fire. Pray that God would provide for their needs and keep them strong as they rebuild.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response is partnering with Harvest EFC in Cebu City to see the gospel spread and see disciples made. You can be part of that recovery process too; your prayers matter and so do your gifts. By giving to the Partner Fund you can support this response and help Harvest EFC sustain outreach ministry to these 80 families.

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