The Gospel in Action

Trinity Fellowship Church partnered with Crisis Response for many years and housed our Hurricane Harvey Response in Friendswood, Texas. Having seen and been a part of the impact that Crisis Response had in their own community, the church decided to prepare for responding to local crises. They transformed their carport space into a storage area for gutting supplies and tools that might be needed soon after a natural disaster. They were prepared when a recording-breaking freeze rippled through the South, bursting pipes and leaving many homes without power. Trinity Fellowship still had power and heat in their building, so they opened their doors to the community and to anyone in need of a place to get warm and charge a phone. 

During the freeze, a church member, Joanna, got the call that someone needed help. A Muslim family that the church had been praying for and ministering to had multiple pipes burst in their home. Trinity Fellowship sprang into action to help tear out the damaged walls and damaged belongings in the family’s home. The email went out to the church asking for volunteers:

Who: Anyone who can fill a trash bag or use a pry bar.
What: Demolition and removal of frozen pipe leak damage
Why: To show the Gospel in action to this family we’ve had the opportunity to share Good News with in the past.

Several church members arrived to show Christ’s love to the Smith* family and help them repair their home. In a conversation with Joanna, Mr. Smith* said, “Thank you Joanna. You already doing a lot for me. I always think how do I will return it. Thank you and all for the good and honest mentality. God bless all working for me.” She was able to reply and share that there is no need to repay anyone and also share the Gospel message as well. Because Trinity Fellowship members were prepared to respond quickly to this family’s crisis, they have continued to build an even stronger relationship with the family. On Easter Sunday, Mr. Smith* attended Sunday morning service and has continued to attend some services. The church members have continued to reach out and share Christ’s love with the family. Please join us in continuing to pray for Mr. and Mrs. Smith* and their son, John*. 

Trinity Fellowship Church was prepared and equipped so they could quickly respond when their community was in need. Crisis Response has created the Prepare initiative that offers trainings to local churches that want to be better prepared for local crises. If you are interested in learning more about a Prepare training, please email us.

*Names were changed for privacy.

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