Prayer Walk to New Friends

Usually our strongest connections in the community come from working in someone’s home for a prolonged time, or from church members who are passionate about Crisis Response. But every once in a while, God brings us to someone on a prayer walk who connects with the volunteers in an amazing way.

When the first group of volunteers met Glen on a prayer walk, they offered to pray with him and invited him to dinner. He accepted the prayers, but not the invitation for a meal. That team left without seeing Glen again. The very next week a new group of volunteers saw Glen as they were prayer walking through the neighborhood on Monday afternoon. They stopped, offered prayers, and invited him to dinner. And this time he came and stayed for Concert of Prayer, a weekly time of worship and prayer. And he promised to come back.

Wednesday night was sharing night, and Glen came back with his son. He had also prepared meat for the volunteers as a treat. During sharing time he surprised everyone by revealing that what had seemed like pulled pork was actually wild hog that he had been slow-cooking all day so the volunteers could try something special. They loved it! That night Glen and his son stayed to play games with the team for a couple of hours.

Glen, his son, and a team from New Jersey who worked at Lake Charles Bible Church

Our staff doesn’t know how many more chances they will have to interact with Glen, especially now that teams are finished working at the church for a while, but one of our staff is intentionally coming back to the church early so his group can prayer walk in that community. They are hoping Glen will continue to come by for meals and hang out with teams. Please join us in praying for Glen and his son, that they would get connected with a strong Bible-based church and that our teams can encourage him wherever he is in his faith journey. And praise God with us that prayer walks are opening doors for us to share the love of Christ in Lake Charles!

Would you like to join us on a team? Click here or email for more information on how you can be a part of what God is doing in Lake Charles!

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