Not Our Plan, But His

Our weeks always start off with a plan: which teams we will host, which houses we will work on, which homeowners we will see. And then within the first hours of Monday morning the plan is often changed or scrapped entirely. This is a reality we have come to embrace while serving in the mission field that follows a crisis; there will always be just a little bit of chaos lurking nearby. During a busy season like our “Spring Break” where we might see four to six weeks of back-to-back teams, these changes can be stumbling blocks for us as we often have laid out much more than a week. But we have also found that these last minute changes to the plan are often when we can see God clearly working.

Our Corpus Christi site was hosting a small team of two volunteers and two traveling staff, when the house where they had planned to work was suddenly delayed. So they moved on to what they thought would be a one day project at Miss Adeline’s house. Miss Adeline had reached out to us for help after seeing what we had done for her friend, Miss Shari. In fact, the visiting staff who worked at Miss Adeline’s were some of the people who had also worked at Miss Shari’s! With this friend in common they set about connecting with Miss Adeline, hearing more about her life and her walk with Jesus. They spent an hour and a half talking with her one day at lunch. And like it so often does, the work at Miss Adeline’s house turned out to be more involved than it had initially appeared; instead of one day it will take a week.

Stopping to have lunch with Miss Adeline.

Miss Adeline is still searching for a Bible-based church, having visited so many in her area without really landing at any of them. Our staff invited her to come with them to Reflection Church, an EFCA church plant in her home town, and she did! Please pray the Miss Adeline will find her place in a church, that Reflection Church will continue to grow in Kingdom influence, and that our staff can remain committed to God’s plan instead of our own. If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in Corpus Christi, or at any of our sites, please email for information on how to bring a team

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