As Hurricane Florence approaches, the recent USA Today headline “Natural Disasters – WE AREN’T PREPARED”, stands out in sharp contrast to the reality within the EFCA. Our Crisis Response team maintains a constant level of preparedness to be a resource for the churches of the EFCA, especially when a major storm like Florence threatens.

Days before this headline, we had already been coordinating with regional EFCA District Superintendents, and began the initial process of mobilizing for the hurricane.  Several trucks and trailers loaded with tools, supplies, and equipment are being staged in the Carolina’s, and key staff positioned, so that we can quickly begin reaching out alongside local church partners to share the love of Christ. The EFCA is prepared…and is responding!

Unfortunately,  our experience has shown this USA Today headline to be true, not just for the average American. Yet, our experience has consistently shown that crises bring about an incredible openness to spiritual conversations.  We refer to that as “the mission field that follows crisis”. 

Whether crisis is the now Category 4 Hurricane Florence, potentially affecting millions; or job loss, death of a loved one, broken relationship or a diagnosis, this disruption of the normalcy of life invariably leads to questions that have only spiritually based answers.  Why? Why me? Why God?  Is there a God? And questions that only the Church is qualified to address.  Especially effective though, are those churches that have invested efforts into preparedness, while having their primary focus on intentional dicsiplemaking and Gospel Transformation in the aftermath of the crisis.

EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response has been helping churches prepare for and respond to crises for well over a decade.  When people or communities are in crisis, the local church is a primary place people look to for assistance. Crisis Response offers training and expertise to aid churches in crisis preparedness for their church building, the local body of Christ, and to serve their community in the aftermath. This preparedness training not only encompasses the physical aspect of the crisis, but also the spiritual and emotional impact such events can have on a church and community.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response staff preps chain saws for the hurricane response.

You can help be a part of the Hurricane Florence Response:

PRAY:  that the storm will weaken and move on quickly; and for Gospel outreach opportunities no matter what the event brings.

FOLLOW and SHARE: this blog; @efcacrisisresponse on Instagram; @efcacrisisresp on Twitter for updates.  Share our posts with your social network.

SERVE:  We do not know exactly what nor where the impacts of Hurricane Florence will be, but it is likely they will be felt somewhere. Join ReachGlobal Crisis Response in the response.  Email crisisresponse@efca.org to volunteer or to send a team.

GIVE: Donate to the Hurricane Florence and ongoing Crisis Response outreach efforts.

4 thoughts on “Not Prepared? The EFCA responds to Hurricane Florence

  1. Praying for Crisis Response as you prepare to respond to what appears to be a daunting storm. May God equip you with personnel, finances, and Spirit-directed wisdom to know what to do when and where.

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