Finding Refuge in Christ

  The scene today in Lebanon’s Bekka Valley is much like it has been since the first refugees arrived more than five years ago. Makeshift structures that sprung up amid fertile fields, intended to provide shelter for a few months for some of the 3+ million Syrian refugees, now have an uneasy sense of permanency…Read more »

Not Forgotten

With any response, there are waves of many volunteers, and dry spells without any teams. Everyone wants to go right after the storm, but it’s harder to recruit teams years after the water had receded and the news cycle has moved on. It’s possible that no one knows this more than the people of Louisiana.…Read more »

Bringing a Community Back

A storm like Hurricane Katrina takes away more than just houses, it takes away communities. Burnell Cotlon wants his back; he wants to create a community that kids can play safely. The first step in getting there was bringing fresh and healthy food back to the neighborhood, which was 3.5 miles away from the nearest…Read more »

This Trip Changed My Life

Eric Couch, Student and Family Pastor at Grace Church (EFCA – Lynchburg, VA) having organized teams to serve with ReachGlobal Crisis Response many times before, knows the life changing effects a  trip like this can have in both the lives of those serving, and those being served.  He spoke about one volunteer,  Bill*, in particular,…Read more »