Taking the Next Step

In February 2020 we had a small group gathered together in Louisiana to brainstorm what ReachGlobal Crisis Response’s trauma care ministry could look like. None of us could have imagined what the next year would bring. Just a few weeks later churches all over the country were looking for ways to engage and minister to…Read more »

Pass the Blessing

Over half a million ordered to evacuate.  Enough fallen timber to build 28,000 brand new homes.  Eight thousand telephone poles replaced.  An estimated $19 billion in damages.  These are just some of the struggles that Hurricane Laura inflicted on the Gulf Coast.  In addition to the physical trauma, there is the emotional and spiritual crisis…Read more »

Get Prepared

Crisis (n) – a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger; a time when a dificult or important decision must be made That’s how the internet defines crisis. But when ReachGlobal Crisis Response uses the word crisis we are referring to an event or situation that disrupts the normalcy of life. But that could be…Read more »

Serving While Waiting

Sarah had just finished her language school and was exploring ministry options in Panama when the pandemic lock-down began. The lock-down there was even stricter than most of the US restrictions, so Sarah was stuck in her home alone almost all the time. After three months of isolation in Panama she made the decision to…Read more »

Churches Helping Churches

Nothing is better than churches that are supporting each other and working together after a crisis – bringing the body of Christ together to share His love. Grace Community Bible Church in Denham Springs, our partner in the 2016 flood response, donated many of their resources to Lake Charles Bible Church. They sent supplies for…Read more »

A Crisis within a Crisis

It’s been almost three months since a devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon killed over 200 people, caused billions in damage, and left 300,000 people homeless. The local church responded quickly to cleaning up the city, sweeping debris, handing out sandwiches and water, and praying with people. The military assigned them a sector of 200 families.…Read more »