“Overwhelming”, was Pastor Donnie’s response when asked to describe the past 24 hours.  He continued, “This is worst storm I have ever seen. It look like a war zone. Trees are on houses, rain is pouring in holes in the roof, mobile homes have been flattened, and the flooding is insane. We are grieving for…Read more »

All Around The Big House

The EF-3 tornado that hit Marshalltown, Iowa, left Marshalltown EFC undamaged, but greatly impacted their missions house and the surrounding neighborhoods.  A year ago, when the church bought “The Big House”, they weren’t exactly sure how God would use it. They’ve been offering ESL classes and tutoring in the hopes of building relationships in that…Read more »

“Just Send Me Pictures.”

There’s nothing easy about having your home flood, but certainly one of the most frustrating parts comes after the waters recede and the insurance battles begin. Every disaster brings a mix of emotions, and in almost everyone’s story, there’s a level of frustration and confusion surrounding the insurance process. It is so foreign, so complicated,…Read more »